CANDIDATE PROFILE: Gary Peters (D) - US House District 14

(WXYZ) - U.S. Rep. Gary Peters is a Democrat who has served in Congress now for two terms, but he is not running for office in his current district. Instead, he is being forced to run in Michigan's newly created 14th Congressional District.

If elected, he will represent many in both the city of Detroit and in the suburbs.

"This is the first district in decades that crosses 8 Mile," said Rep. Peters. "It has the county seat of Wayne and Oakland in the same congressional district. It puts a member of congress in the unique position of having one foot in the city and one foot in the suburbs, and I have always been a big believer that we have to come together as a region, that no one city or one group, can solve the problems we have regionally."

He says he plans to bridge the 8 Mile gap if given the chance, not only with representation, but with transportation. He says there are federal dollars available for public transit, and more of them need to be spent in metro Detroit.

"The focus of regional transit for me is not just about taking people from the city to the suburbs for jobs, it is about bringing jobs to the city of Detroit," said Peters.

"We need to have a system from downtown Detroit to Pontiac to Macomb County, but also from downtown Detroit to Metro Airport, like every other major metro area in our country."

Peters says his 22 years of work as an investment advisor impacts how he looks at the legislation he works on, be it on finance or education.

"An investment in a child before they get to kindergarten pays huge dividends for that child's life as well as for the taxpayers. Unfortunately, right now, headstart is under attack-- there are folks in congress, republicans who want to cut headstart programs - i think that is wrongheaded," says Peters.

Peters says as a member of the financial services committee - he has taken on our regions biggest issue - the economy - and wants to continue what he started.

He says mortgages need to be regulated to prevent another housing market crash and protect people's homes.

"I have worked very aggressively to make sure we have a strong and vibrant auto industry here in Michigan, but also focused on small business - really the engine of growth is making sure small businesses have the resources they need," says Peters.

Peters says he is building a coalition right now to reform the mortgage market.

When it come to healthcare in America - Peters says he will fight to make sure the Affordable Care Act, that was signed by President Obama in 2010, moves forward.

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