CANDIDATE PROFILE: Kerry Bentivolio (R) - US House District 11

SOUTHFIELD (WXYZ) - The race for the 11 th Congressional District was split wide open when incumbent Thaddeus McCotter left in scandal. Now Kerry Bentivolio is saying he's the best man for the district.

Bentivolio served in Vietnam and later went on to work in the automotive industry. He used his technical skills to teach students as vocational teacher before going on to instruct American Literature and American History. Bentivolio says it was his students who encouraged him to run for public office.

The candidate says his number one priority is jobs. He proposes improving the job scene by cutting taxes and regulating industries.

Closer to home, Bentivolio would create a mobile office to address constituent concerns. He also intends on posting his voting record online along with an explanation of his votes.

To hear more from Kerry Bentivolio, click on the video player above.

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