Mike Duggan holds first news conference as Detroit Mayor-elect

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Just one day after the election, Mayor-elect Mike Duggan held his first news conference to answer questions from the media.

During the news conference, Duggan announced that he would soon be meeting with Mayor Bing, Governor Snyder and Detroit's EM Kevyn Orr.

The former DMC CEO won the Detroit mayoral election Tuesday.

When asked about being Detroit's first white mayor in nearly 40 years, Duggan says the distinction means very little.
"I resent the whole "white mayor" term. I've resented it from the beginning... and people in this city got past it almost a year ago," Duggan said.
Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr also offered his congratulations after the election results came in on Tuesday. 
"In this time of important change for the City, Detroiters have come together to voice their desire for progress. I look forward to working with Mayor-elect Mike Duggan to build the vibrant and strong future the citizens of Detroit deserve," said Orr in part.
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