How long would you wait to vote?

Voters in Van Buren Twp deal with 3 hour lines

Van Buren Township (WXYZ) - Voters in Van Buren Township dealt with three hour long lines at the polls on election day.

"I am taking it in stride," said Laura Romanik. "I am grateful I live in a country where it is peaceful and safe to vote."

Others were not so patient.
"The way they are handling this something isn't right. It should be faster," said Rob Foy, another voter.

Van Buren Township Clerk Leon Wright says two things lead to the long lines. 

It was taking voters a long time to read through the four page ballot due to the six ballot proposals. 

Plus, voter turnout was high,

"I have called in extra workers. I have used all of the area we have for voting. We are doing the best we can, but when you have this many voters… this is unprecedented," said Wright. "It is good, but it is unprecedented."

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