EXCLUSIVE POLL: Gary Peters leads in Senate race, Terri Lynn Land closing the gap

(WXYZ) - The race to replace retiring U.S. Senator Carl Levin remains close with Congressman Gary Peters holding onto his lead over former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. 

If the election were held today, Peters would win by 6 points. 

Recently, 600 likely Michigan voters were surveyed by EPIC MRA. Forty-five percent said they would cast their ballot for Peters, 39 percent would vote for Land, and 16 percent are undecided. 

The poll, released exclusively to WXYZ-TV 7, the Detroit Free Press and our statewide media polling partners was conducted August 22–25.

The good news for Land, a Republican from the Grand Rapids area, is that the race is tightening up. 

In July, Peters, a Democrat from the Detroit area, had a nine point lead, 45 – 36 percent.  

Bernie Porn, president of Epic MRA said, “ Land has improved her lot with men so the real fight between Land and Peters will be over female voters.”  

The political contest between Peters and Land has been heated. 

The candidates and their political supporters have made several accusations against each other’s leadership and voting records. 

It is expected to be one of the most expensive U.S. Senate races in the nation.

In the race for Michigan Attorney General, Republican Bill Schuette is leading Democrat Mark Totten 40 to 34 percent even though our survey of respondents give him a 37 percent negative job rating and 28 percent positive job rating. 

A large number of voters, 35 percent, aren’t sure how they would rate him.

And finally, in the battle for Michigan Secretary of State, incumbent Ruth Johnson is ahead of Detroit Attorney Godfrey Dillard  by 8 points. 

Thirty percent of the people we polled can’t make up their mind as to which candidate they like the best.  Johnson is a Republican from Oakland County and Dillard is a Democrat.

The margin of error for this survey was plus or minus 4.0 percent. 

Twenty percent of those polled responded on their mobile phones. 


Now, I would like to read the names of several political figures. For each one, please tell me if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of that person.

Gary Peters: 28% Favorable, 24% Unfavorable

Terri Lynn Land: 33% Favorable, 37% Unfavorable

Bill Schuette: 25% Favorable, 15% Unfavorable

Mark Totten: 4% Favorable, 4% Unfavorable

Godfrey Dillard: 3% Favorable, 2% Unfavorable

Ruth Johnson: 15% Favorable, 6% Unfavorable


Overall, how would you rate the job Bill Schuette has done as Michigan Attorney General – would you give him a positive rating of excellent or pretty good, or a negative rating of just fair or poor?

4% Excellent

24% Pretty good

28% Total Positive

37% Total Negative

27% Just fair

10% Poor

35% Undecided/Refused


Overall, how would you rate the job Ruth Johnson has done as Michigan Secretary of State – would you give him a positive rating of excellent or pretty good, or a negative rating of just fair or poor?

4% Excellent

26% Pretty good

30% Total Positive

26% Total Negative

20% Just fair

6% Poor

44% Undecided/Refused



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