EXCLUSIVE POLL: Hoekstra shows 8 point bump in GOP primary after controversial TV ad

(WXYZ) - Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra's Super Bowl Day TV ad attacking U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow brought him a lot of political heat and criticism.  Many people and organizations thought it was racially insensitive. But, it may also be credited as the vehicle that has brought him more voter support and greater name recognition in the GOP primary.

In an exclusive WXYZ/Detroit Free Press poll taken February 18 – 21, 48% of those surveyed said they would vote for the West Michigan Republican if the election were held today. "That's an 8 point improvement over our January survey where Hoekstra was at 40%," said Bernie Porn, Channel 7's pollster and the president of Epic MRA. 

The next closest candidate is Detroit attorney Clark Durant who only gets 5% of the 400 likely GOP voters we polled. 

"Durant isn't gaining voter support but his name recognition has improved with his latest television commercial attacking Hoekstra," said Porn. "In January, 67% of the people we polled didn't know him, today it's down to 47%."

The winner of the GOP Michigan Primary in August will square off against Democrat Debbie Stabenow in the November General Election. 

The poll conducted by Epic MRA for our statewide media partners has a (+/-) margin of error of 4.9%.


In August of this year, there will be a Republican primary election for US Senate in Michigan. Which of the following announced Republican candidates would you vote for?

  • 42%     Pete Hoekstra
  •   5%     Clark Durant 
  •   2%     Scotty Boman
  •   2%     Peter Konetchy
  •   1%     Randy Hekman
  •   1%     Rick Wilson
  •  ---       Gary Glenn  
  •  ---       Chuck Marino 
  • 47%     Undecided/Refused 

If the election were held today and you had to decide right not, which candidate would you lean toward?

  • 14%     Pete Hoekstra
  •   1%     Clark Durant
  •   1%     Randy Hekman
  •   1%     Chuck Marino
  •   1%     Rick Wilson
  • ---        Scotty Boman
  • ---        Gary Glenn
  • ---        Peter Konetchy
  • 82%     Undecided/Refused

Given the above results the current standing for the Republican Senate race is as folllows.

  • 48%     Pete Hoekstra
  •   5%     Clark Durant
  •   2%     Scotty Boman
  •   1%     Gary Glenn
  •   1%     Randy Hekman
  •   1%     Peter Konetchy
  •   1%     Chuck Marino
  •   1%     Rick Wilson
  • 40%     Undecided/Refused
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