EXCLUSIVE POLL: MI voters would raise minimum wage

(WXYZ) - “The data is clear,” says Channel 7 pollster John Cavanagh, “Michigan voters support raising the minimum wage.”

In a brand new EPIC MRA poll of 600 likely state voters, 60 percent of the respondents would check ‘yes’ to boosting the current minimum wage of $7.40 per hour. That’s if the vote were held today. Thirty-six percent would vote no and only 4 percent aren’t sure what they would do. 

In November, there may be proposal of the Michigan ballot to increase the minimum wage for workers $10 an hour.  But a lot could change over the next 8 months.  Cavanagh, one of the founders of Epic MRA, says “don’t be surprised if the Michigan Chamber of Commerce pushes the State Legislature to pass a bill raising the minimum wage to a level its members could live with easier than a ballot proposal amount.”

Democratic gubernatorial Mark Schauer is on the campaign trail proposing hiking the minimum wage to $9.25 an hour over three years and automatically tie future increases to the rate of inflation. 

Governor has not committed himself one way of the other but did say recently that Schauer’s plan “would be a challenge.”   

See poll results below: 

Q. There may be a proposal on the ballot in November, which if approved by voters, would increase the minimum wage in Michigan from the current $7.40 per hour to $10 per hour. Based on what you know or have heard or read about this proposal, if the election were held today, would you vote YES to increase the minimum wage to $10 per hour or would you vote NO to oppose it?

54% Vote YES
  6% Lean toward voting YES
32% Vote NO
  4% Lean toward voting NO
  4% Undecided/Refused

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