Exclusive poll shows Michigan's feelings on health care reform and illegal immigration

On his next visit to Michigan, health care reform probably shouldn't be the first words out of President Obama's mouth. A recent WXYZ – Detroit Free Press poll reveals that a narrow 51 percent majority of state voters oppose the President's new health care law. The survey conducted by EPIC MRA of Lansing also finds that 38 percent strongly oppose the controversial health care package compared to 19 percent who strongly favor it. Along political party lines, the majority of Democrats support it while the majority of Republicans oppose it.

When the 600 survey respondents were asked if illegal immigration was a problem, a total of 56 percent say, "Yes." That number differs significantly from the 42 percent who say illegal immigration is only a "minor" problem. The majority of Republican, Independent, and Tea Party movement supporters believe it is a problem. A narrow minority of Democrats say it isn't.

The only issue that the majority of Michiganders (62 percent) from all political sides agree on is that illegal immigration is not holding back the state's economic recovery.

The poll for our statewide media partners was conducted May 22 – 26. It has a margin of error of 4.0 percent.


As you know, President Obama's health care reform plan was passed by Congress and signed into law. Based on what you know or have heard or read about this plan, do you favor or oppose the Obama health care reform plan?

43% Total Favor
51% Total Oppose

Thinking about another topic, how much of a problem do you think illegal immigration is in Michigan? Is it a major problem, an important but not major problem, only a minor problem, or not really a problem at all?

56% Total Problem
24% Only a minor problem
18% Not really a problem at all
2% Undecided/Don't know/Refused

Federal law prohibits illegal immigrants from living or working in the United States. In your opinion, is illegal immigration holding back Michigan's economic recovery, or, do you think that illegal immigration is not having that much of an impact in Michigan?

32% Illegal immigration is holding back Michigan's economic recovery
62% Illegal immigration is NOT having that much of an impact
6% Undecided/Don't Know/Refused