First lawsuit filed against Right to Work legislation

(WXYZ) - The first legal challenge to Right to Work legislation is now in the court system. Union Activist Robert Davis filed the suit in 30 th Circuit Court.

Davis argues the Open Meetings Act was violated during the push to approve Right to Work. He says citizens were locked out of the Capitol and not allowed inside the House or Senate chambers.

Action News was there when police closed down the Capitol rotunda last week, but it's not clear if that will have a legal impact. A judge ultimately ordered the building reopened.

In a statement released by the House Majority Leader's office a spokesman says in part:

"…the Capitol doors were not locked last Thursday under our authority; it was based on the State Police making a judgment call regarding public safety."

"As for staff in the gallery, there were some House staff members in the gallery for a variety of reasons. We were asked if staff could sit in the gallery and the answer was, yes, because it's a public gallery and they had every right to sit there and watch history being made."

Legal experts we spoke with are not sure if Davis has a strong case. His challenge will likely be heard by a judge sometime in the next seven to 10 days.

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