Progress report of Detroit's turnaround

Where does Detroit stand on turnaround?

(WXYZ) - The topic of Detroit's turnaround was center stage at the Mackinac Policy Conference where business leaders discussed their view on the city's future.

The panel included business executives from Penske and Rock Financial as well as state treasurer Andy Dillon.

Each said Detroit is on the road to a rebound.

Speaking before attendees at the Mackinac Policy Conference, the state treasurer, Eric Larson of Bedrock Real Estate, a Dan Gilbert company, and Robert Kurnick, President of the Penske Corp discussed where Detroit is in its current turnaround.

Each discussed issues that will stall a recovery, like public safety, slow police response and education. But, each believes the city is addressing those issues.

Dillon says they are now "implementing" change and are no longer looking at "plans" for the city.

Dillon addressed the issue of the city facing bankruptcy and says only a few cities have gone through it making for a small roadmap, but he did say a Chapter 9 bankruptcy can be avoided.

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