Team Penske appears at Mackinac Conference ahead of Grand Prix

(WXYZ) - Members of businessman Roger Penske's racing team were at the 2012 Mackinac Policy Conference today.

In the button down corporate conference world that is Mackinac this week - these guys are rock stars.

Team Penske - Castroneves, Power and Briscoe will be lighting up Belle Isle this weekend, fresh off one of the most exciting Indy 500s ever.

I told Castroneves, "I thought you were gonna win that thing for a while."

"You know, finish in the top ten is certainly a good result," he says. "Hopefully in Belle Isle, this event, we're gonna do much better."

Speaking of much better, this weekend the world will be watching Detroit and the man behind the Grand Prix is convinced they'll be impressed with what they see.

"When you talk about this weekend, we have the Chevrolet Belle Isle Grand Prix, we'll have 100,000 people just at Belle Isle," Penske says. "But the national coverage on television is gonna be so important to see the jewel we have in Belle Isle, and also what's taking place in our city. I think it's terrific."

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