Population Explosion No Problem

World Population Day Brings No Worries

ANN ARBOR, MICH (WXYZ) - What if the population gets too big?
That's a question that has been asked for years.

But, according to University of Michigan Economist David Lam, it's nothing to worry about.

The population of the world is expected to hit 7 billion this year. But, Professor Lam says, "In spite of 50 years of the fastest population growth on record, the world has done remarkably well in producing enough food and reducing poverty."

Lam says that the population rates are on the downturn and adds, "The rate is only as high as it is because of population momentum, with many women of childbearing ages in developing countries because of rapid population growth in earlier decades."

A book called, "The Population Bomb" written in 1968 by Paul Ehrlich sent shock waves for its projections that the world population would double between 1960 and 1999.

But, Professor Lam says that it didn't happen before and he does not seeing it ever happening again.

July 11th has been designated by the United Nations as World Population Day.
The idea is to bring attention of the world on population issues.

Lam says that there are many reasons for the decline in population noting economics and the move toward a green environment. He says, "We've been through periods of absolutely unprecedented growth rates, and yet food production increased even faster than population and poverty rates fell substantially. This increase clearly involves more than just reductions in family size. For example, children with 10 siblings in 2000 have more schooling than children with one sibling in 1960."

Lam points out that although we anticipate there will be problems ahead, they don't compare with those we faced in the '60's.



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