POTHOLE PANIC: To swerve or not to swerve?

(WXYZ) - The cold weather continues to create more potholes.  

Now, the question facing all of us drivers: to swerve or not to swerve? 

Vickie Kimbrough swerved to avoid a pothole on Dequindre in Warren, hit a patch of ice and slammed into a fire hydrant. 

That cost $4,000 in damage with a $1,000 deductible from her insurance. 

"I wish I could leave Detroit or leave Michigan, period" a frustrated Kimbrough says. 

Sean Guilford of Haslett has hit so many potholes he's had damage twice and to prove his point posted videos on YouTube under the channel GPVlog.  He tells 7 Action News that an insurance claim would cost him more than the damage with his deductible and an increase in rates. 

Warren Deputy Police Commissioner Louis Galasso says to swerve or not to swerve, "you can only do so if the traffic is safe." 

Art Gappi of Premier Collision is seeing more swerve and crash cases.  He tells 7 Action News, "I'll take the pothole. I don't want to hurt anybody." 

The pothole pandemic is growing on social media with cathartic posts.  Nick DeFranco is singing, "potholes I hate you. You make my tailbone hurt."

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