Potholes and how to protect your tires

(WXYZ) - We can't get rid of the potholes. 

But, we can help you avoid more car trouble with some tips:

Look at the sidewalls of your tires.  Do you see dimples or bubbles?  These are a sign that your sidewall has been compromised by hitting potholes. 

You should get the tire checked while you can still drive on it.  Some tires are on back order because of all the pothole repairs. 

And when you buy new tires, check the DOT number near the rim of the tire.  That number will end in four digits such as 3413.  This means the tire was made during the 34th week of 2013. 

There is no law that stops old tires that have not been on the road from being sold as new.  But tires 6 years or older can be weaker and not last as long.

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