Potholes make glass delivery a challenge

BERKLEY, Mich. (WXYZ) - These potholes have been a drag for everybody. But if you think keeping your morning coffee in the cup is challenge, try spending all day driving around with giant mirrors and glass, doing your very best to make it a smooth ride.

This is the delicate world of glass delivery driver John Daguanno.

“You know when you’re driving valuables like this, they’re standing up." said Daguanno, "You gotta be careful, drive a little slower. And people don’t like driving slow in Michigan.”

At Alco Glass in Berkley, deliveries run all day. And drivers say these potholes are the worst they’ve seen in a while.

“There have been a few minor breakages." said Kim Daguanno, "Nothing too bad thankfully, but it’s been kind of rough with the truck. They sometimes do alternate routes.”

Believe it or not, all it takes for the trucks to keep the glass secure are a few bungee ropes and lots of padding.

Robert Frost said once the road not taken made all the difference. If the road looked anything like the ones around Metro Detroit, there may be a reason guys like Daguanno never took it.

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