At least one winning Powerball ticket sells in California

SOUTHFIELD (WXYZ) - The winning Powerball numbers for the $400 million jackpot are: 1, 17, 35, 49, 54 and Powerball 34. 

ABC News reports that at least one winning ticket sold in California. 

One of the biggest lottery jackpots had a lot of customers at New Abbey Party Store in Southfield Wednesday afternoon daydreaming about the way they would spend the winnings.

"I would pay off all of my bills and quit my job,"  said Powerball player Yvette Bain.  

"I would buy every car there is," said Powerball player Sal Tolla.  "Every car ever made."

Did you ever wonder how much you could buy with that much money?

The jackpot, $400 million, is about how much it costs for the new bridge from Detroit to Canada.

With the winnings, you could even cover the payroll of the Detroit Lions, Tigers, and Pistons with cash to spare.

The jackpot is almost as much as the cost for the new Red Wings arena, which will roughly cost $450 million dollars.

Many people playing the lottery in metro Detroit said they are aware of the odds but are hopeful they are holding the winning ticket.

"Hey, because I'm that lucky," said Powerball player Bulah Holloway.

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