Powerful storms cause damage in Oakland County

(WXYZ) - High winds and powerful storms caused a lot of damage in Oakland County on Tuesday night. 

Near Woodward Avenue just south of Long Lake Road, Malaz Atassi witnessed the worst of it. People were trapped in their car with downed power lines on top.

"Two people stayed in the car. Police came and told them not to move and stay there," says Atassi. "They were trapped for a good two hours" he adds.

Finally, power was cut and they were able to get out safely.

Down the road, it was also nerve racking to be on just two wheels.

"It was a supernova-- every reflection you could think coming off the road, I picked the wrong day to get six things done on my to do list especially on a moped," says Dan Dinan.

Thankfully, aside from the outages and slow traffic, people managed to avoid the dangers. But, they were also reminded of just how quickly Michigan weather can turn on a dime.

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