President reviewing proposals from gun violence task force, expected to address the nation soon

(WXYZ) - President Obama received gun violence proposals from Vice President Biden Monday.

Although these proposals have not been made public, the president is expected to unveil his plan this week and it could be as early as today.

The vice president was put in charge of a task force to come up with some ideas on how to change the gun culture in the country.

It is believed the president is going to push for more background checks on all gun purchases at gun shows and private sales.

Obama says he supports banning assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips.

The NRA has weighed in on this topic and are opposed to anything that would limit the rights of gun owners. Certain members of legislature are opposed to this as well.

The President is confident that there are some steps that can be taken that don't require legislation and that are within his authority as president.

According to a ABC News poll, 88% of Americans are in favor of background checks at gun shows. While 65% of Americans are in favor of a ban on high capacity magazines.

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