Prominent lawyer knew woman accused of conspiring to rob him

BLOOMFIELD HILLS (WXYZ) - Attorney David Zacks knew one of the four people who tried to con their way into his Bloomfield Hills home late Wednesday night, according to police who have identified that person as 28-year-old Cassandra Chobod.

Chobod and her three alleged accomplices are facing a number of charges including Conspiracy to Commit Home Invasion.

Bloomfield Hills police won't say if the relationship between Zacks and Chobod is business or romantic, just that it was personal.

David Zacks was shot when he refused to open the door to several people who were claiming to be the police Wednesday night.

Police say Devon Miller fired through the front door before fleeing the location with Chobod, and two others.

We're told the four intended to burglarize the house on Woodwind Drive when no one was home, but when they realized people were inside the home, the four left to retrieve a gun.

Zacks was shot shortly after they returned when he refused to open the door.

At this point, police say it's unclear what the four had planned to do with anyone they encountered inside the home.

Chobod and Christopher Hernandez-Monteil, 20, are each being held on a $2,000,000 bond.

Miller and Henry Williams, 20, are both being held on $5,000,000 bonds because both men are currently on probation for bank robbery.


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