Prosecutors urge judge to throw fmr. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in prison for at least 28 years

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Kwame Kilpatrick should spend at least 28 years in prison for running a criminal enterprise from city hall, prosecutors argued today.

In March, the former Detroit mayor was found guilty of a laundry list of criminal charges ranging from extortion to racketeering. Earlier today, prosecutors urged Judge Nancy Edmunds to also sentence Kilpatrick's longtime friend and co-defendant Bobby Ferguson to the same 28-year sentence.

"The city desperately needed resolute leadership. Instead it got a mayor looking to cash in on his office through graft, extortion and self-dealing," wrote prosecutor's in today's sentencing memorandum.

Kilpatrick will be formally sentenced on October 10.

"Detroit has now entered a painful period of reassessment and unprecedented financial constraints," prosecutors wrote.

"With hard work and good fortune, the city will rise again. But it will do so without—and in spite of—its former leader."

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