Protesters occupy Governor Rick Snyder's neighborhood

They are protesting use of emergency managers.

(WXYZ) - Protesters are marching to the neighborhood of Governor Rick Snyder in Superior Township.

Their goal is to rally against Snyder's support of putting emergency managers in charge in bankrupt municipalities.

Governor Snyder has said that he doesn't like to put emergency managers in place, but if elected leaders can't run their communities on a budget, someone needs to step in.

Organizers used bus shuttles to pick up protesters in cities across the state, including Detroit.  They then bussed protesters to Washtenaw Community College.  From there they marched to the governor's neighborhood. For information on those bus services, click here .

A Facebook page supporting the event says, "In response to Michigan leaders passing the Emergency Manager law that allows the state to appoint CEOs with absolute control and continuing to deny democracy to the 160,000 plus voters that have signed the petition to repeal Public Act 4 by the Michigan Senate passing S865 we are sending out a call to action for all Americans to invade Superior Twp for Democracy."

Critics of the demonstration say it is unfair for protesters to demonstrate in the governor's neighborhood, because it will inconvenience his neighbors. They suggest the protesters should hold their rally in Lansing.

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The Facebook page supporting it says it will be a peaceful demonstration including citizens, union leaders, politicians, and church leaders.

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