PTA encourages parental involvement at school or at home

(WXYZ) -  As the kids gear up to head back to school, moms and dads can play a big part in helping their students thrive throughout the school year.

Shaton Berry is Michigan PTA's vice president of leadership.

She says it's great when parents can volunteer at their child's school, but she understands not every parent can give four hours a week or even four hours a month.

She says any parental involvement matters whether it's in the classroom or at home.

"We want to encourage parents to be involved in school, know what the goals are for school, but also to have their child prepared at home -- making sure they have a great breakfast, lunch, dinner at home, making sure they have a homework corner, that they have the tools they need to fulfill their educational goals," said Berry.

Berry also says it's helpful for schools to schedule parent-teacher conferences at varying times to help parents and guardians who work on different schedules.

If the first conferences are on a weekday morning, encourage administrators to schedule the next ones on an afternoon or evening.

Many schools already do this.

Of course, if you want a voice, get involved in your school's PTA or stay in regular contact with your children's teachers.

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