Rainbow Connection holds Walk/Run for Kids event

(WXYZ) - This year’s Rainbow Connection ambassador is a former “wish kid" who is battling cancer. 

Josh Oleksiak is living a dream tied to a prized possession.

“It’s every 18 year old kid’s dream to pimp out his car,” said Josh. 

And that’s exactly what he has done to his 2005 Pontiac Bonneville, thanks to the Rainbow Connection. 

“Rims, the stereo system, it’s pretty much a surround sound system. After market headlights and taillights and straight pipe. She’s ready to go, she’s a road runner,” said Josh. 

“His car is his thing, he’s 18. He probably gets a little of that from me because I’m a car guy too,” said Josh's dad, Jeff. 

Josh was diagnosed with stage four melanoma in 2014, and his mother, Jennifer, says Rainbow Connection provided the perfect distraction for Josh at a difficult time. 

“While we were in the hospital getting treatment or waiting for MRIs and scans, he’d be on the computer at U of M and picking out his rims and his stereo system,” said Jennifer. 

A system Josh was happy to share with everyone at today’s Rainbow Connection Walk/Run for Kids.

Josh is still going through treatments, but being at the event to give back was important to him and his family.

“They’re a group of people that really care about their job--who know what helps other people get through their lives," said Josh. 

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