Rathburn's mortuary license suspended amid body parts investigation

(WXYZ) - State officials said they would complete their investigation in two weeks. 

After just one week, they have now suspended the mortuary science license of Arthur Rathburn.  But this also comes after a 7 Action News Investigation found officials in Michigan Licensing and Regulation knew about his body parts operation for almost two years. 

Rathburn's business, International Biological, was raided by the FBI in December.  Sources say they removed body parts of more than 1,000 people. 

They say family members had no idea their loved ones would end up cut up and stored in the shabby warehouse on Detroit's east side. 

Rathburn has not been charged with a crime and is not in custody.  But the investigation has moved across the country to a body donation center in Arizona. 

The feds are investigating whether the bodies were bought and sold on the lucrative black market, whether records on the bodies were properly kept and whether bodies were sold out the back door of funeral homes or crematoriums. 

Sources say the investigation is expanding to other states. 

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