Reaction after ruling on Michigan same-sex marriage ban

(WXYZ) - After U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that Michigan's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, many people around the state issued statements regarding the decision.


Mark LaChey, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party LGBT and Allies Caucus

"We're excited and encouraged by Judge Friedman's ruling today which makes our great state the 18th to be on the side of equality for all of its citizens. Those of us in Michigan's LGBT Community have long fought for this outcome today, which is a significant step toward true fairness, whether it be in the workplace, public accommodations or our homes."

ACLU of Michigan (in part) 

"Today's decision is a huge victory for the people of Michigan. The momentum toward LGBT equality is accelerating as yet another federal court finds that denying same-sex couples the fairness and dignity of marriage is unconstitutional," said Kary L. Moss, ACLU of Michigan executive director. “Public opinion has changed drastically since 2004 when voters amended the Michigan constitution to exclude same-sex couples from marriage. Today, across the political spectrum, Michiganders recognize that allowing same-sex couples to marry is a matter of fundamental freedoms, economic security, and family values.”

Catholic bishops in the State of Michigan, Michigan Catholic Conference  (in part) 

“Today’s decision from federal district court Judge Bernard Friedman to redefine the institution of marriage by declaring Michigan’s Marriage Amendment unconstitutional strikes at the very essence of family, community and human nature. In effect, this decision advances a misunderstanding of marriage, and mistakenly proposes that marriage is an emotional arrangement that can simply be redefined to accommodate the dictates of culture and the wants of adults. Judge Friedman’s ruling that also finds unconstitutional the state’s adoption law is equally of grave concern.

As this case will likely move forward through the courts, it is necessary to state clearly that persons with same-sex attraction should not be judged, but rather accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. We rejoice with those brothers and sisters in Christ living with same sex attraction who have found great freedom through Jesus' call to chastity communicated through the Church. We equally encourage those who are struggling in good conscience to live in harmony with the Church’s teaching about sexuality, along with their families, to continue praying and to continue seeking the Lord with the help and guidance of the Church."

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer 

“Today’s ruling is inspiring. It tells every person in Michigan that they have the right to share their love with whomever they choose without the government telling them it’s somehow less legitimate than the love that others may have. That freedom to make our own decisions about our lives is the very core of our Constitution and I applaud Judge Friedman today for recognizing that. I know there are countless couples out there at this very moment making wedding plans and I wish them the same happiness, the same success and the same love that all wedded couples deserve on their wedding day. I couldn’t be more thrilled than to be among the first to congratulate them on this great day.”

Rev. Roland Caldwell, Burnette Inspirational Church

"Well today is a sad day for humanity... the people of Michigan across the state have voted not to redefine marriage, and whenever someone comes along, one person comes along, and takes the rights of people, that's a sad day." 

Congressman Dan Kildee (in part) 

“Equality and love prevailed over injustice and hate today. I am overjoyed that Judge Friedman found Michigan’s discriminatory ban on gay marriage unconstitutional and appropriately tossed it aside. With today’s historic ruling, Michigan joins a growing number of other states in recognizing that everyone should be treated equally under the law, including the right to marry whom you love."

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette (in part) 

“In 2004 the citizens of Michigan recognized that diversity in parenting is best for kids and families because moms and dads are not interchangeable.  Michigan voters enshrined that decision in our State constitution, and their will should stand and be respected.  I will continue to carry out my duty to protect and defend the Constitution." 

Robert Ficano, Wayne County Executive 

"I applaud Judge Friedman's strong ruling today in favor of families and children. As a proponent of ending discrimination in all its forms based on orientation, we've made sure there is non-discrimination as an employer. Today's ruling speaks to the values of families, fairness and progress and is a long time coming in our state."

Detroit Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron

"As I said with my brother bishops in Michigan, marriage has come to us as a gift of God in establishing the order of nature. The Catholic community in southeast Michigan

will continue to give witness to the truth that marriage is between one man and one woman, which is the foundation for the flourishing of society.”


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