Reaction to Boy Scouts vote to accept openly gay boys

DETROIT, Mich (wxyz) - "It is a start, but not enough," says David Garcia about the Boy Scouts of America voting to allow gay scouts to join their ranks, but leaving the ban on gay leaders.

Garcia who heads Affirmations, one of the largest gay and lesbian organizations in the country says: "What are they afraid of?"

The debate over allowing gay scouts to join has been boiling for a long time and even with the vote, the controversy continues. 

Those who opposed it say the BSA could lose members and donations. Those in favor applaud the decision.

This will take effect January first.

"it is a good policy but why keep the leaders out, " asks Lauren Jasenak of Brighton who was forced to leave her scout leader job in July when her supervisors found your she is a lesbian.

"I was shocked and hurt then and still am," she says. 

She is hoping the next step will be lifting the ban on the leaders.

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