Records show woman found mummified voted 2 years after investigators believe she died

PONTIAC (WXYZ) - Pia Farrenkopf led a very private life and now there is more mystery surrounding her death after records show Farrenkopf voted in November 2010 - two years after investigators believe she died.

Action News has also learned that detectives with the Oakland County Sheriff are conducting a detailed analysis of Farrenkopf's banking activity to see if there were any withdrawals other than the auto-pay that continued to cover her mortgage until March 2013.

Sherikia Hawkins, Pontiac City Clerk, believes the record of Farrenkopf voting in 2010 is due to a computing error, but says her office intends to search stored files for any paperwork Farrenkopf would have had to sign if an actual vote was cast in her name. 

The day after the mummified body was found in the backseat of Farrenkopf's Jeep that was parked in her garage, investigators went into the home wearing hazmat suits because there was black mold all over the home on Savanna Drive.

We've now learned the mold problem stemmed from a broken sump pump that caused flooding in the basement.

Farrenkopf's relatives say when they couldn't contact her by phone over the years, they thought she was either traveling or just wanted to maintain her privacy.

Farrenkopf's sister, Paula Logan, and other relatives who live in the Boston area, find it hard to believe Farrenkopf died of natural causes or committed suicide in the backseat of her Jeep.

"I think there was foul play," Logan told 7 Action News.

The keys were still in the ignition, but in the off position. And there was still gas in the tank.

It's unclear if any contractors, who had been in and out of the house since January doing work for the mortgage company that foreclosed on the property, may have changed the position of the key in the ignition.

Investigators did not find a suicide note.


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