Red Cross of South East Michigan assisting with tornado relief efforts

Local crews on standby

DETROIT - Right now, Red Cross crews from southeast Michigan are on the ground in Oklahoma assessing the damage and as they do so, crews here in metro Detroit are on standby waiting for their opportunity to help out as well.

There's no request for any specific positions, but we expect those to start rolling in by the end of the day.

Help on a grand scale will be needed to deal with the devastation that has taken place in Oklahoma; dozens of lives have been lost and the extent of the damage is still being processed.

"What traditionally happens in the first day or two is there are going to be a lot of teams on the ground determining what the needs of the community are going to be," says April Beaton of the Red Cross.

Part of the southeast Michigan contingency is currently en route to the areas hardest hit.

As crews arrive they will relay information to crews on standby here so they can prepare to help and if you're interested there's a way you can help as well. Right now the Red Cross is stressing cash donation.


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