10-year-old shoots, critically wounds dad during parents' fight

DETROIT (WXYZ) - “Police say it started with an overnight altercation between a couple when their son intervened holding a gun. And now one man is in critical condition.”

“Had that gun been secured, we basically wouldn’t be having this conversation right now," said Captain Nick Kyriacou of Detroit Police.

Police say a physical altercation between mom and dad unfolded around 3:30 this morning on the 2900 block of Buena Vista, when their 10 year old son, holding a gun, pulled the trigger and struck his father in the back.

After questioning the child, police released the boy to other family members.

“Saw his mother being assaulted, he indicated that he retrieved in a gun, and that the gun accidentally went off," explained Captain Kyriacou.

“Right now it’s just a bad situation," said the boy's aunt.

We spoke to the boy’s aunt, the victim’s sister, who maintains her brother would never put his hands on the mother of his children, but questions why a gun was so accessible to a child in the first place.

“That is being further investigated at this time. Obviously, the gun was much too accessible to a ten year old child," said Captain Kyriacou.

“I mean, I’m not going to say how did you know to get a gun, but how did you know where the gun was at. How did you know to do what you did?” asked the boy's aunt.

“We have investigators trained in what’s called Kids’ Talk. It’s a forensic investigation methodology intended to illicit truth in traumatized circumstances, so domestic violence is the lead entity on the case," said Captain Kyriacou.

“If that gun was in the house, yes, I’m going to blame the parents because it shouldn’t have been in the house. And if it were in the house, it should have been put up where the kids don’t know where it’s at," said the child's aunt.

Family members tell us the boy’s father is undergoing surgery at Henry Ford hospital. That bullet wound may have caused paralysis.


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