Two people killed, one person critical in 2 hit-and-run accidents Friday night

(WXYZ) - Detroit Police tell 7 Action News two people were killed and another person was critically injured in two separate hit-and-run accidents in Detroit Friday night.

Police initially thought the driver might have been intentionally hitting people because the hit and runs happened within an hour and a half of one another, four miles apart and the cars were similar color and make and model.  Detroit Police Chief James Craig said they cases may or may not be related.

“Could it be?  Possibly, but we’re just not certain at this point,” said Chief Craig.

Police originally told us it was two women that were killed in the first hit-and-run.

The pedestrians who were hit in both cases were walking outside of the crosswalk, and the streets were not lit. 

“So, it’s reasonable that in a dark area someone crossing mid block, there’s a great likelihood of someone getting struck by a vehicle,” said Chief Craig.

According to police, 56-year-old Wayne Sanders and a woman in her 50s were crossing Meyers at the corner of west McNichols, when a light color Grand Am driving northbound on Meyers hit them. Both sustained multiple injuries in the accident leading to their deaths.

The other accident occurred when a man was crossing the street at 7 Mile and Fielding when he was hit by the car. They say he was walking out in the middle of the street and tried to beat traffic, and he was hit by the car and launched up into the air.

Police tell 7 Action News they are treating the hit-and-runs as separate incidents, but they are not sure if they are related.  The hit-and-runs

According to Police Chief James Craig, there have been 10 pedestrian related traffic fatalities this year, and he thinks street lights are part of the problem.

Police are asking anyone who was in the area of the the first hit-and-run on McNichols around 10:20 p.m. Friday to call police with anything they might have seen.


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