7 Action News works to get a dangerous tree removed from a Detroit couple's home

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Powerful winds split a tree in half and a big branch toppled onto the Markavich's home and their lawn, along Richard on Detroit's south west side.

As it covers their home, Bill and Virginia Markavich worry  what will happen if there are high winds again.

"During the next big storm, it will damage that roof," Markavich says.

The Markavichs say this is a very dangerous situation and they are even afraid to take out the garbage. A large branch is barely hanging on and could snap down even more onto the house.

The lot where part of the tree fell from is a vacant piece of property. Virginia Markavich told 7 Action News she had been calling the city daily looking for someone to help them.

According to the Markavichs, It took a week and a half for them to get someone on the phone to tell them it was not the city's property and that it belonged to the county. 

The branch has been sitting there ever since. The couple decided to call 7 Action News.

"Can't get ahold of anybody. Our calls get totally recycled," said Bill Markavich.

The Markavichs soon discovered they couldn't get straight answers from the city or Wayne County as to who the lot belonged to.

Taking action for the Markavichs, 7 Action News did some digging.

According the Wayne County Treasurer's Office, the Wayne County Register of Deed's latest records show the property  belongs to the H.U.D.

7 Action News spoke to H.U.D  a couple times Wednesday.  They said they are looking into this claim. They are waiting for word from their Philadelphia office.

In the meantime, the mayor's office is investigating why it took so long for the city to respond to the Markovich's.

7 Action News will stay on top of this story.

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