VIDEO: Caught dumping tree parts in Detroit, man says he won't take orders from women

DETROIT (WXYZ) - If you take a walk down Kalsh Street on Detroit's East Side it is now just a clear road.

Earlier in the day Wednesday, it was filled with wood. Neighbors say someone used it as a dumping ground. 

UPDATE: Man accused of dumping now in custody after hearing on unrelated indecent exposure incident

Resident Jeff Brown told 7 Action News the perpetrator committed the act in broad daylight.

"All of a sudden I hear this really loud crash," said Brown.

Brown said he could not believe what he saw - a man with a flat bed boldly unloading large chunks of wood right into the street.

"As I went to go say 'What are you doing?', the driver of the truck, a short blond haired guy looked at me and I looked at him. He took off south down Conant," said Brown.

Brown took action and got in his car and eventually tracked down the truck in Hamtramck. According to Brown, the vehicle was abandoned.

He called police and jotted down the license plate number.

While he had been searching for help, no arrests had been made and the mess remained. That is when he decided to call 7 Action News.

"We are known as ‘The D' and ‘The D' is starting to stand for ‘The Dump" in the sense that you do whatever you do, you dump it in Detroit and run and that's exactly what has happened here," said Brown.

Taking action for Brown, we called police. Officer Eric Hill was out here within minutes and worked to get to the bottom of it.

Hill took the matter very seriously and in a matter of hours, Detroit Police had a crew from the Forestry Department clearing the debris.

"Thank you channel 7," said Brown.

7 Action News tracked down Ihor Stetkewycz, a Warren man. He admitted to driving a flatbed truck in the East Side neighborhood.

He said he hit a curb and the wood accidentally tumbled out of the truck. We asked him why he would just leave the wood in the street. We were floored by his response.

"You don't have to ask me, and I don't take no orders from no woman by the way. By the way, I don't take no orders from no women," said Stetkewycz.

When asked why he ignored people yelling at him to stop he continued with his offensive comments.

"It must have been a woman and I don't listen to women yelling. I tell them to shut up." he said.

When we asked if he had any plans to clean up the mess he responded:

"Oh yes. I'm Mr. Clean Up. I'm not Mr. Clean. I'm Mr. Clean Up," said Stetkewycz."

He went on to tell Action News that he's from Mars.

Detroit Police are investigating this case and it's not clear whether he will be fined or arrested.

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