8th Annual ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day to attract thousands of volunteers for community service

DETROIT (WXYZ) - More than 210 activities are scheduled for the 8th Annual ARISE Detroit! Neighborhood Days on August 2.

The citywide community service day has attracted thousands of volunteers locally and 31 major sponsors.  For the first time, ARISE Detroit! has also partnered with two out-of-state, non-profit groups.

Rippling Hope is a faith-based organization from Texas. For the past three years, volunteers have been working in northwest Detroit to support block clubs that need a helping hand.

“One of our requirements is, is that homeowners, whose houses we work on, buy as much of the materials as they can buy and so sometimes that’s $175 for a bucket of Behr premium paint. Sometimes it’s $5 for two tubes of caulk, we provide some paint to do some other part of their project.”

In the heat of the day Tuesday, volunteers were hard at work on Whitcomb Street. Their toil has made a big difference, according to Marsha Quinzy, who has lived in her home for 40 years.

“They have become our family,” Quinzy said.  "The staff, the volunteers. Today we have people here working from Ohio, North Carolina and two groups here from Minnesota. You can just see the love that is generated.”

Rippling Hope volunteers will have helped 1,000 homeowners in Detroit by the time they wrap up their work at the end of September.

If you’d like to volunteer on Neighborhoods Day, contact the groups that have projects listed here .

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