Teenager afraid to go back to school after bullying incident

DETROIT, Mich (wxyz) - Torrayani Debose, 15, has been having nightmares and hasn't been in school since she was bullied and beaten on October 3, but all of that is about to change.

7 Action news went to find answers and the Chief of Staff of the Education Achievement Authority, Tyrone Winfrey, is meeting with the girl's family on Tuesday to work to get her back in school and feeling safe.

Torrayani says this started when a 14-year-old started taunting her about being thin. Torrayani is slender because she has had heart and back problems. The other girl is more than twice her size and Torrayani told the girl it wasn't her business.

In the lunchroom, the girl reportedly attacked Torrayani, knocking her down and stomping on her until security had to break up the incident. The 14-year-old was suspended for four days and could face criminal charges.

Juanita McKinney, Torrayani's aunt and guardian, says the family feels the girl should be expelled.

The family says they have been trying to talk to school officials without any success. Now, a meeting has been scheduled. Juanita says she is hurt and angry.

Through tears, Torrayani's mom, Lela Aldridge, says she can't stop thinking about this, her baby being beaten.

She says we send our children to school to learn and be safe, not to be attacked.

EAA officials say the goal is to get Torrayani back in school.  They says they don't tolerate fighting or bullying and will be re-opening the investigation into what happened.

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