A 49 year old man was shot and killed while pumping gas at a gas station in Detroit

A 49 year old man was gunned down while pumping gas at a Sunoco station in Detroit.

Police and witnesses say while the man was standing at the pump, another vehicle drove up, someone got out of the passenger side and started shooting, got back in the vehicle and took off. 

The victim was transported to a local hospital but police say he did not make it. 

Investigators say they believe the victim is a security guard somewhere in Alabama.  His car had Alabama plates but they also say there is a possiblity he has a connection to the Detroit Police Department because there was a DPOA (Detroit Police Officer's Association) sticker on the car and they are not easy to get without some affiliation. 

There is a possibility though that the victim bought the car from someone who had the DPOA sticker already on it.  As to why he was shot and killed, police don't have a motive but they do say it was not a robbery or an attempted carjacking. It appeared the man was targeted. 

Investigators are looking at surveillance video from the gas station which is at Fenkell and Wyoming and they are hoping the video will help them find and arrest whoever did this.

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