A broiler and space heater are all a young mom and her son have to keep their apartment warm

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The broiler in the oven and two space heaters are all a young mom and her 4-year-old son have to keep their apartment warm because there is no heat in the building.

Camille Patrick says they were promised the heat would be on by October 15.

Then management said it would be a few more weeks and gave them the space heaters. But while they blow warm air, they don't heat the whole apartment.

"We are keeping P.J.'s on and blankets and robes and whatever we can to stay warm," say Camille.

Camille and her neighbors, who also have young children, say they have been paying the rent, which is supposed to include the heat. Both says they are thinking that if it doesn't come back on soon they might have to move.

We reached out to the property management company through the emergency maintenance number and were told, "they are working on it."

But Camille says that's what they have been saying all along. They just want it done and fixed.

We will stay on the case and let you know what happens.

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