A talent search in Detroit has given some young people high hopes but the price is high too

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A  talent search in Detroit sponsored by an organization called "The Event" has raised some concerns among parents who took their children to a try-out advertised on the radio.

Hundreds turned out last Saturday and many were called back. However, they then found out the price to spend a week in Orlando, Florida with talent scouts, music producers and modeling and singing coaches was between $3,000 and almost $9,000.

"That doesn't include airfare or a hotel room or a ticket to a theme park" says Wylene Jackson, who decided not to do it.

According to the brochure, the trip includes meetings and seminars about singing or dancing or acting and modeling. The brochure also mention attendees may meet current stars and get to take part in contests that could net prizes.

"We are going to go" said Cheryl Herron, whose granddaughter Jade did a commercial about grapes for her tryout.

"If it turns out to be nothing, we will get to go to Florida and have a vacation," says Cheryl.

She has made her first payment, but she has three days to change her mind. However, she would lose a one thousand dollar deposit if she does so.

We did call and talk to a spokesperson for "The Event." She said they provide what is promised, adding they have had 13 events and many successes.

We called the Michigan Attorney General and there is a general consumer alert for talent searches. 

However, a spokesperson for the AG's office says the burden is on the consumer. That means you need to read everything carefully before making a decision and paying any money.

Wylene says she wants to warn other parents. Cheryl says she is hoping for the best.

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