POLICE: Thief shot and killed during attempted robbery of an 88-year-old man

DETROIT, Mich (WXYZ) - Police say a thief who tried to rob the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society on Detroit's east side was shot and killed by an 88-year-old employee who had his own gun.

Officers say the 53-year-old suspect forced his way into the clinic after it closed on Saturday. He then roughed up the 88-year-old World War II veteran and demanded money. The 88-year-old is believed to be the clinic's doctor.

However, police say the victim grabbed his own gun and fired two shots, killing the suspect. The man does have a permit to carry the gun.

Even though police say it appears the shooting was justified, they will still send the case to the prosecutor.  That is standard procedure in cases like this.

People in the neighborhood who use the clinic and care about the people who work there say they feel bad the employees had to go through this.

The clinic is closed on Mondays but neighbors say they will go back later this week when it is open to make sure everyone is okay.

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