Review sparked by 7 Action News shows 19 Detroit firefighters have invalid driver's licenses

DETROIT (WXYZ) - 19 of the City of Detroit's 850 firefighters have invalid licenses, according to a department wide review.

The audit was sparked by a 7 Action News investigation that revealed the city doesn't monitor the driving records of its employees who routinely drive vehicles.

Effective immediately, the 19 firefighters can't return to work until they obtain a valid driver’s license.  They have only 30 days to do so, and will be subject to discipline if they cannot.  The city anticipates that 13 of the drivers can bring their license into compliance by having it renewed.

Records obtained through the Secretary of State confirm that at least three drivers have dangerous driving histories. One sergeant's license was revoked back in 2010 after being cited twice for drinking and driving. Another can't drive until 2015 after being citing twice for driving while intoxicated. A third firefighter hasn't had a valid license in more than four years since being caught twice for drinking and driving as well as child endangerment. 

In February, 7 Action News revealed that  newly-promoted Senior Chief Andre Johnson hadn't had a valid license since 2010 after three citations for drinking and driving. Within an hour of our story airing, Johnson lost his promotion, and put in his paperwork to retire.

The city tells 7 Action News it plans to review driving records for all city employees that drive a city car, but the audit is still underway.

Contact Investigator Ross Jones at or at (248) 827-9466.

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