Declining enrollment, lack of funds closes Aisha Shule/W.E.B. DuBois Prep in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Aisha Shule/W.E.B. DuBois Preparatory Academy in Detroit will be closing October 31.

During a parent meeting Thursday night, school leaders explained the school's charter is being revoked by Detroit Public Schools (DPS).

The school's chief administrative officer, Larry Patrick, said the closure is the result of declining enrollment and financial problems.

Patrick said the school lost approximately 100 students two years ago, when it was forced to change from a K-12 school to a 6-12 school.

Patrick said DPS notified the school October 1 that it would be shut down on October 31 but leaders had hoped to convince DPS to keep the school open.

The school was informed on Monday that the decision to close would stand.

Parents will now need to decide where their children will attend school after October 31.

An informational parent meeting will be held Tuesday, October 15. Patrick said representatives from other schools in the area will be on hand to discuss other educational opportunities. Some representatives will be enrolling students at the meeting.

Detroit Public Schools released the following statement:

Detroit Public Schools is responsible for ensuring that the charter schools it authorizes meet their academic goals, are financially sound and comply with the law. The district is closing Aisha Shule because it is no longer financially sound. The financial condition leaves little confidence that the school has the resources necessary to improve student achievement and to maintain a safe learning environment. In the best interest of students, the school will close on October 31.

Aisha Shule and Detroit Public Schools are working together and with external partners to ensure every child makes a smooth transition to their next educational home. Parents will be responsible for enrolling their children in new schools.


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