Alleged instigator in Utash beating will go to trial

DETROIT (WXYZ) - With no emotion on his face, the juvenile accused of being the instigator in the mob attack which left Steve Utash brutally beaten sat in a court room near his parents and defense attorney.

He was in court inside the Lincoln Hall of Juvenile Justice Thursday afternoon for his pre-trial when his defense attorney, Solomon Radner, requested the case go straight to trial.

It’s not clear why the move was made, but Radner hopes to work out a deal with the prosecutor’s office.

The suspect who turns 17 in a month will be tried as a juvenile for Assault With Intent To Do Great Bodily Harm and Ethnic Intimidation.

“What happened here as alleged is a spur of the moment type incident,” said Radner.

Radner said he believes the teen did not commit a hate crime.

“It’s hard to say what’s classified as a hate crime,” said Radner.  “Obviously different people classify different things as a hate crime but in my mind.  When I hear the term hate crime, I am envisioning someone getting lynched and strung up on a tree because they are black.  I’m envisioning swastikas being painted on synagogues.  That’s typically what I envision when I think of a hate crime.”

While the prosecution says they have enough evidence to believe the teen’s alleged actions do fit the crime.

No evidence came out in court Thursday a both sides will now prepare for trial.

Radner would not talk too much about the case but he alluded the teen had some remorse for what happened.

“When something like this happens everybody starts to think things over and there are sorry feelings for ultimately what happened,” said Radner.

The teen’s trial is set to start June 23rd.

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