ARISE Detroit planning 8th annual Neighborhoods Day for August 2nd

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Thousands of people are expected to take part in the 8th annual ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day on Saturday, August 2.

The entire day focuses on improving the city, with more than 200 community improvement projects scheduled across the city.

There will also be numerous festivals, educational events, cleanup projects, garden planting and volunteer initiatives. All of the events are designed to bring together local businesses, city residents and suburban Detroiters so that they can work together and improve the city.

“With so much focus on improving the city’s neighborhoods, Neighborhood Day is the perfect expression of the pride and perseverance of residents who have never given up on their city,” said Luther Keith, executive director of ARISE Detroit! in a news release. “We want the nation and the world to see this engaged, hopeful and committed side of Detroit in neighborhoods all over the city on Aug. 2.”

One of the key partnerships that will be highlighted on Neighborhoods Day will be ARISE Detroit!'s partnership with Detroit Public Schools. The partnership invites local businesses and community organizations to provide volunteers and other resources that can be used to "adopt" 21 Detroit schools.

The idea is that they will create "safe school" routes in blighted neighborhoods. They will also work to perform projects that will renovate and beautify the adopted schools. Last year 12 schools were adopted for Neighborhoods day.

You can find out more about ARISE Detroit! and Neighborhoods Day on their website .

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