Arrests made in DPD Operation Cherry Blossom

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Springing back into action after a bust a week ago, Chief James Craig and the Detroit Police Department spent the day Thursday taking part in Operation Cherry Blossom.

“Why Operation Cherry Blossom? Because we had such a good rain last month.  We wanted to come back and we wanted to come back early.”

They had search warrants for about eight narcotics location, in a small section of north west Detroit which covers just one square foot mile.

According to Chief Craig, it’s a spot where 16 search warrants have been served since the beginning of the year.

Though the area is a hotbed for criminal activity, the chief thinks the perpetrators were tipped off about a possible raid.

“When you see news crews staged up at a police station and you see police vehicles… clue number one: something is getting ready to happen.”

In one location off of Pembrooke, three pit bulls had to be put down when according to DPD, the pets attempted to attack officers when they entered the house.

It turns out, they were protecting a stash of heroin and a gun.

A man was arrested and a child inside at the time is now in the care of Child Protective Services.

Neighbors throughout the day  were cheering on police about cracking down in the neighborhood.

Many were also happy to see the chief and officers pay a visit to local party store, Bottoms Up, that police said, has been known to have dope dealers on the property doing business.

“I’m here to support you but I’m also going to hold you accountable because I want this neighborhood to thrive.  this is a great neighborhood,” Chief Craig told the store owner.  “There are a lot of great people over here.  people who are afraid to come into you shop.”

The store owner agreed but told the chief the times he has called police he was also worried about his safety once officers left the property.

Chief Craig stopped in to talk to those who live near the party store asking them to pass on a message to the criminals in the area.

“When we leave you might want to get on the phone and say, ‘Hey, the chief is thinking about coming back and he’s pretty good about keeping his word.  You’d agree with that? I’m coming back.  I’m not messing around.  I won’t be deterred,” said Chief Craig.  “You folks deserve better than that.  This is not the way life should be.   Do you agree with that?  I wanna keep you safe.  That’s why I’m here.  I want to keep you safe.  Now there are folks that don’t want to talk to me… I wonder why.”

Thirteen felony arrests were made so far and 1 misdemeanor arrest was made.  Two people were arrested on gun related issues.

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