Autopsy being performed on Detroit mom who was found dead, woman's baby daughter found alive

DETROIT (WXYZ) - As an autopsy is performed on a Detroit mom who was found dead yesterday, a neighbor describes the scary moments after the victim's baby daughter was found.

"One police officer went around the home and went into the baby's room and seen the baby just lying there," said the woman who wished to remain anonymous. "She didn't know the baby was dead or not until the baby popped open her eyes."

The baby's mother, Charmenek Johnson, had been found dead in the 4000 block of Hazelwood Monday morning. Johnson's mother went to check on the 31-year-old woman after she hadn't been heard from in days.
Detroit police say Johnson suffered from trauma to her head. The medical examiner is conducting an autopsy.

Nobody is in police custody in connection with Johnson's death.

The neighbor who came to help yesterday said the child was so dehydrated she couldn't produce tears. The woman held the baby and gave her bottled water while another neighbor ran to a nearby store to buy a pink and purple sippy cup.

"She didn't want nobody to take the water away from her" said the woman. "Every time they tried to take it away to check her, she would yank it back."

The baby's diaper was so soiled, the woman said she gagged twice from the odor. The skin was too raw for her to touch it. "I wanted to clean her, but once I got her to my house and I laid her down, and I seen the soil and the red, I didn't want to touch because I didn't know what happened."

The child was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but her grandmother tells Action News the baby is doing better.

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