Bankruptcy judge to decide on release of names of candidates for Detroit Emergency Manager position

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes will hold a hearing first thing Tuesday morning to decide whether to give state officials a protective order so they do not have to reveal candidates who were considered to be Detroit's Emergency Manager. 

Bankruptcy Attorney Kevyn Orr was given the job in March, cut he knew the names of at least three others under consideration and wrote about them in a private email obtained by 7 Action News in a lawsuit filed by AFSCME Union activist Robert Davis. 

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, his right hand man Richard Baird and Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon are all to be deposed in the bankruptcy case this week and could be asked for the names by union attorneys. 

The state, in its motion to the judge, argues the EM candidates were told their identities would remain confidential and that making them public might be damaging to them in their current positions. 

The state also says certain of the individuals are elected officials whose re-electability could be affected by the disclosure of their identities. 

A Circuit Court ordered the names be released in the Davis lawsuit, but that was overturned by the Michigan Court of Appeals. 

The state motion also says the names would be given to Judge Rhodes if necessary for him to determine the relevancy of the names. 

It is not clear when Judge Rhodes will rule on the motion, but the Governor is scheduled for his deposition on Wednesday and the other two officials on Thursday. 

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