Barricaded gunman situation involving two women, one man ends on Detroit's west side

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - An early morning standoff comes to a peaceful resolution at 2750 Collingwood on Detroit’s Westside. It lasted for the better part of four hours and began because of a domestic dispute.

Before all was said and done DPD tactical units and even the cities version of SWAT; The    Special Response Team or SRT.

A neighbor who didn't identity told us about the fight that led to the standoff that began around 2 A.M.

“I watched them fight and t just got out of hand. He pulled out a gun and started shooting.”

The neighbor says, the girlfriend wasn’t hit, but she was apparently upset because there was another woman at the home with her boyfriend when she arrived. She refused to leave and he fired shots in the air to scare her. Only it didn’t work, although she did eventually leave shortly before Detroit police showed up.

By this time the suspect was back inside the house refusing to come out.

“We have the house surrounded and our special response team and our negotiators are attempting to negotiate him out of the house”, said DPD commander Elvin Barrin

Their patience paid off.  Over the course of of three plus hours the new girlfriend would emerge as would the suspect who was on parole for a narcotics conviction.

“I think he understood the seriousness of the situation which made him realize… I may be going away for a long time because again he is a felon."

As for the first girlfriend, the one who argued with the suspect, she only received a scratch on the neck and is doing as well as can be expected.


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