Young couple shot, killing teen girl, car set on fire in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit police say a young couple was shot in their car, killing a teen girl and sending a young man to the hospital.

Authorities responded to a call on Oakfield Ave. near McNichols around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning where they discovered the body of  19-year-old Tamiaka Brooks in a burned out car.

They say her 21-year-old boyfriend was shot in the face and taken to the hospital.

Police are still investigating but they believe the young couple was shot by a third person who then poured gasoline on the car and lit it on fire. The 21-year-old male somehow managed to escape with the help of a neighbor even as the killer chased him, trying to splash him with gasoline.

It's believed the suspect was driving a dark-colored SUV.

Police do not have anyone in custody.

Tamiaka's family is praying for answers. They say they still have not told Tamiaka's 3-year-old daughter that her mother is gone.

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