Bones found in home on Detroit's west side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A local man was helping an animal in need, when he made a disturbing discovery Saturday afternoon.

A neighbor asked Quan Mims to help her with a stray dog that wandered into a long forgotten house on Westbrook street. 

"She wanted to help out, bring it food, so I came over to help her out." said Mims. 

Once inside the home, Mims heard puppies barking and crying.  The sounds were coming from underneath the floorboard. 

He went searching.  He didn't find the puppies, but something else. 

"I looked under there, flashed a light and saw bones," said Mims.  "It worried me all night, what if it is somebody actually missing?"

Still upset over the discovery, Mims returned Sunday morning with his grandfather.  Once they were certain it was bones in the crawl space, they called police. 

The Wayne County Medical Examiner's office will determine if the bones are human. 

We have also reached out to area animal rescue groups to try and help the puppies.

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