Border Patrol: Man told agents he kayaked into the country near Detroit's Fort Wayne to pee

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Canadian national has been charged with sneaking into the United States after he was found along the Detroit River near Fort Wayne.

Officials say Jack Haddow Bishop originally told Border Patrol Agents that he was kayaking on the river when he came into the country because he was trying to find a place to pee.

Haddow was originally spotted by a Supervisory Border Patrol Agent, who said he has seen a long haired white man walking near West Jefferson in the area of Fort Wayne. Two other agents were called in to investigate.

The agents were able to find a hole in a fence at a private lot near where the man had been spotted.

They entered the property and found the suspect standing next to the river, near a blue inflatable kayak. He also had a Personal Flotation Device.

The agents approached the suspect and asked him what he was doing in the area. The agents say he told them that he was out on his kayak and decided to come ashore so that he could relieve himself. The suspect, who was later identified as Bishop, was then placed under arrest for illegally entering the United States.

It was later determined Bishop had been arrested in April at the same location and that he is a convicted felon and sex offender in Canada. He was taken to the Detroit Border Patrol Station, where he told agents that he often uses his kayak for exercise and had never crossed the border using it before.

However, officers say that, while at the station, Bishop changed his story. He reportedly told them that, instead of entering the country to relieve himself, he was actually at MotorCity Casino playing three card poker.

While Bishop does not have a criminal record in the US, he was refused entry into the country in March 2006 for fraud misrepresentation at the Detroit/Windsor tunnel. He was given an expedited removal of an aggravated felon barred permanently from the USA at that time.

He is now charged in US District Court with illegally reentering the United States after exclusion, deportation or removal.

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