Break-ins, vacant houses & high weeds have elderly resident fed up with neighborhood

"Nellie" is 75 years old and feisty, but beneath her tough exterior there is a sense of hopelessness. 

She lives among a sea of vacant houses, waist high weeds and says her house is constantly being targeted by thieves.

"Every time they come through here," said Nellie. "They took my clothes, my shoes, my pocketbook, my dishes and my jewelry. It's a disgrace."

Nellie points to the vacant houses and six-foot tall weeds across the street and says, "This is a disgrace. Look at this. I'm in a forest. All these abandoned houses right here."

Next door is another vacant home. Action News crews found a stripped vehicle and a rotting dead dog in a cage.

The elderly woman says she wants to move, but senior housing is hard to come by. 

She's been put on a list.


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